Uncover the right opportunities for each brand
Collaborate efficiently both across teams and with your clients
Get set up quickly on TikTok for Business
Get set up quickly on TikTok for Business
Business Center is the first stop to accelerate your journey across TikTok for Business
Get your agency and clients set up quickly, so you can start running campaigns faster
Collaborate efficiently both across teams and with your clients
Manage access to assets and data for individuals and partners.
Centralize payment and billing, and protect information from unauthorized users
Uncover the right opportunities for each brand
Handle all your business needs on TikTok
Explore and discover new solutions that will help you reach your goals.
How it works
1. Register
Register on Business Center, or through the dedicated registration link provided by your TikTok representative.
2. Collaborate
Set up two or more admins and invite your teams and partners to join.
3. Create and share
Use full-cycle insight tools to help you uncover trends and optimize your client's campaigns
4. Performance
Track performance metrics and get creative with how you optimize your campaigns.
Have more questions?
Here are the most commonly asked questions about TikTok Business Center.
Why should agencies use TikTok Business Center?
    TikTok Business Center offers specialized features that are a seamless fit for agencies’ needs. With TikTok Business Center you can:
  • Invite multiple people to collaborate on campaigns and work together efficiently.
  • Stay ahead of the curve. Be the first to know about TikTok's latest and greatest solutions - brand building, performance marketing, e-commerce, creator, you name it.
  • Centralize all your business needs in one place.
  • Safeguard data and assets by managing access to your account.
What do I need to register for TikTok Business Center?
  • A TikTok for Business user account (register here).
  • Request a dedicated registration link from your TikTok representative, or visit business.tiktok.com to sign up.
I am working with marketing agencies for my TikTok campaigns. How do I grant them access?
  • Claim your assets, invite external partners as your Business Center partners, and assign permissions to your assets.
  • The partner feature allows authorization at a business level and saves you the hassle of having to assign permissions individually.
How should I organize my Business Center to collaborate with my team?
  • Use the member feature to invite your team and assign access to assets based on what they will be working on.
  • Assign admins from your team to your Business Center. They will have the authority to add or remove members, manage assets, and update settings on your behalf.
  • Add finance permissions for the person managing billing and payment for your TikTok campaigns.
  • Consider turning on two-step verification for any and all members to maximize security.
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